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What architects do after the drawings are done…..

After the drawings are complete, the work is bid out, the contractor selected-the project is built. If you have solid experience in the construction field, you may have the chops to watch over the project through completion. But chances are you don’t. Nor does your brother in law, the weekend warrior contractor who puts up […]

Do you need a bigger home?

Maybe.  But often the answer is no. With 2600 sf cited as the average new house size, chances are a few tweaks means you may not need to move or do an addition. So my advice to many clients is to use what you already have more efficiently.  So, how do you do that? […]

I’ll buy that myself… but what are you saving?

Many savvy owners know that General Contractors (GC) markup materials, fixtures and their subcontractors work. Accordingly, the owner wants to bypass this markup (often >10%) and provide the items themselves. The savings can be substantial and “points” earned on your credit card can mean airline tickets in a shorter time. BUT, what many owners fail […]

Remedy for the Overwhelmed and Stuck

Add too many current commitments with the possibility of starting a construction project and BOOM! I see my potential clients assume  the “overwhelmed” position and start to stammer as their eyes glaze over.  Face-Palming, shortness of breath and procastination follow. WE GET IT! You’re very busy. The idea of adding one more task to your to-do list […]

Permits, Approvals and Forgiveness (just kidding)

This phase of a construction project is often the most misunderstood, and frustrating for the Owner who wants to quote Nike, and “Just do it”. When one wants to remodel, build an addition or build new, it will require approvals from the local municipality. This process includes submission of applications, fees, drawings and related documentation to […]

Aging in place

We’ve all watched older  loved-ones struggle with what were formerly routine chores and ponder what can be done to make life easier for them. Choices emerge. Aging in place is almost universally accepted as a good idea because the benefits are so clear: the freedom and dignity that come from staying in your own home, […]

The right time for your construction project?

We fully get it.  Doing this project seems like a huge risk. The money, the inconvenience, the uncertainty…”Did you hear what happened to Mike and Jennifer?” Here’s a brief video that delves into the common themes and the most important reasons to consider moving ahead…. We specialize in soothing the doubts, minimizing the unknown and […]

Just Dirt?

It seems so simple when you are digging. The soil should hold up your house, the building, or at least the deck. But is dirt just dirt? and why is it important? The ability of the soil to hold up the house or building is critical. It is soft, like clay or silt? Then you […]

Frontal Lobe Bender (design intentions)

The basic challenge- We are talking “interpretation” here.  One of the main challenges for architects, builders and engineers face is how and when to convey information. Drawings and specifications are by nature abstract-they summarize a set of instructions for someone else to execute.  Not terribly different for a recipe that a chef will cook. Luckily, […]

And then the lights flickered…are you storm-prepared?

Yep it’s that time of year, when storms will be rolling through the region. And if you have not thought about the likely consequences- you should. Being prepared, and thinking beforehand about a blackout is- Step 1.  What items will you need? flashlights? candles? a wad of cash? meds? cellphone charger? bottle of scotch?  make […]