What kind of Decision Maker are you?

When if comes to making design and construction decisions it’s important to get the relevant information and criteria quickly and decide efficiently.  Over the years, I’ve noticed several pronounced character decision-profiles that tend to emerge:

1. the Procrastinator: this persona is marked not only by the indecision, but the length of time it takes to actually commit. A nightmare.

2. the Judge:  gathers all the facts and opinions then carefully makes the decision. Better

3. The Nike: acts mostly on impulse,  (“Just do it”) does not want to be bothered with too much information and criteria.  Can be dangerous.

4. The Seeker-consigliere: They seek and get counsel and may get back to you.  Good, if they respond in reasonable time.

5. the Reasoner: gets input, weighs options and moves ahead.  The Best



Here’s the issue: One needs a balance of due diligence, information, opinions and haste to make good decisions, especially during the design and construction process.  If you act too quickly you may be blind-sided by the lack information considered, if one waits too long – as the chart shows above, one can pay dearly for the additional time needed to make a decision and the resulting cost consequences due to correcting work already performed!

My advice is to gather information and weigh and select options quickly in an organized manner and act in a timely manner.

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