And then the lights flickered…are you storm-prepared?

Yep it’s that time of year, when storms will be rolling through the region. And if you have not thought about the likely consequences- you should.


Being prepared, and thinking beforehand about a blackout is-

Step 1.  What items will you need? flashlights? candles? a wad of cash? meds? cellphone charger? bottle of scotch?  make a list…now.  And before the lights flicker-

Step 2: Have you thought about a generator? They can power your entire home or office- or just parts.

3 basic questions before you go shopping:

Stationary or portable?  Stationary models are more expensive, but they start automatically when the power fails.  They can automatically start by themselves and alert you by text about their status/readiness. Since they run on propane or natural gas, you don’t have to be that concerned about the fuel (i.e. getting gas at a gas station that may also be subject to a p0wer failure).

What are your power needs?

Small -Medium Portable model -will provide 3000-7000 watts and covers you with: refrigerator (600 w), computer (300w) Several lights (400w), TV (200w), heating systems (500w), portable heater (1300 w), well pump (1200 w for those in more rural areas)  Expect to pay between $700-1000.  Gas will be consumed about 15 gallons per day depending on usage-so plan accordingly.  Make sure you keep these about 15′ from the house to avoid carbon monoxide fumes.

Large- Stationary Model- 10kw-20kw (20,000w) : Covers heaters, kitchen, central AC (5000 w, electric range 5000w) can take the load of most homes at 75% normal capacity.  Expect to pay between $8,000 to $15,000 for the generator and installation. This goes on by a automatic transfer switch that senses the loss of power and starts the generator running which transfers the power demand accordingly.  Make sure your chosen models meet local noise regulations


What about this transfer switch upgrade?  You can also have the transfer switch installed and pre-designated circuits connected to your portable generator with an extension cord.  Expect to pay $800-1200.

Get it installed and do the maintenance. Enjoy your new popularity when your neighbors sidle up to you during the next blackout!

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