Beyond the drawings, how can we help?

Most people think the bulk of activity of an architect’s day centers around drawing and designing projects.  While it is an important component of the construction process. What we do and really separates us from other architects is that we are really here to help-everyone.  We have an on-boarding process that introduces customers to schedules, guidelines, organization, construction and expectations to make the process enjoyable and smooth. We have the energy, resources and contacts to help “connect the dots”.  It can be a customer who needs a referral to a great moving company, pass along a trade discount or help a contractor that needs to schedule an appointment with a hard to reach inspector – we get it – we’re going to pull on the same end of the rope and get it done! We’ve helped our customers deal with flooding situations, fires, vandalism, picket lines, strikes, labor shortages, fabrication plant closings, wild-life in fireplaces, mis-marked property lines, abandoned underground tunnels, noisy air condensors, gangster-contractors, corrupt building officials, toxic sewage, laughable drainage situations, you get the picture….Simply- we like to help.  It’s way beyond drawings. Luckily, our customers are our advocates too! No attitude here. We do take pride in our drawings and are delighted when a builder thanks us for putting together clear, thorough drawings.  They say with relief, that our documents  help reduce change-orders and mis-communications, and actually speed up their work since little is left to imagination. But we are also there when things go awry. We recently encountered a buried oil tank that ruptured in a multi-family setting where the contractor had no idea of the protocol for dealing with this situation.  Luckily we’d been through it before and could help navigate the team through the right steps of soil remediation and which authorities and specialtity environmental contractors to contact and file with. Let’s face it there is always a new lesson hiding around the corner.  How can we help you? or somebody you know?  Call Steve 914 980 5532.