Ma’am… please step over here…Design Profiling…

We all are special….just that…we’re not.  There are many common denominators, likes, dislikes, styles and characteristics that we gravitate towards.  Our tastes can be put in large buckets, analyzed and profiled to some degree.


We want a clear idea of what the client wants- not just how many bedrooms, or number of conference rooms, but what they want it to look like, feel like and act like.


Do you like a traditional look? Modern look? Funky-eclectic look? Are you pack-rat? Do you maintain your property? Are you D.I.Y. or hire-first? And so forth….

Arts and Crafts?

So here’s my confession, when we come to measure-we are also checking out the artwork, the furniture, books on the shelves and atmospheric vibe of the home, office or store. We want to connect you to your new space and we know if it is readily appealing to you-we all benefit.  If we can gather clues about a client’s style, behavior, and so forth -we’ll waste less time, keep fees lower and produce better designs.

Let’s see where you stand….

A few more-

Led Zeppelin, Mumford and Sons or Ltittle Big Town?

YouTube, Seinfeld or 30 Rock?

Jeans or chinos?

Hemingway or Wolfe?

Hike or Movie?

Save or spend?

Early riser or repeat snooze tapper?

Maybe you never really thought about it, but we did. So let’s talk 914 674 2950.