Dumpsters, Google Earth, the UPS guy, say what?

What do these have in common?  Construction debris is a tell-tale sign of building or demolition, and easy to spot.

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They see everything that’s going on, including construction….do you know a chatty driver?

Aerial views-some building departments have employed interns during summers to look online via Google Earth, for differences between what’s on file vs what’s visible by satellite

These are three of the more common ways that building departments find out about construction done without permits and usually lead to fines, stop work orders and big headaches for the property owner. http://youtu.be/hjrlHO-xC2E

How about a nosy neighbor?¬† What about a jilted contractor? In these cash-strapped times building departments help raise revenue for many municipalities by levying fines for work done without permits or proper approvals. Some of these fines even enable the towns to go after taxes not collected over the years since the improvement…These can be big numbers…

Do yourself or an acquaintance a favor. Find out the needed approvals and the sequence in which they should occur, most municipalities are happy to explain….If you need some guidance, please give us a call….

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