No GPS for finding an architect

Good Sources for Finding an Architect:

Let’s say you are the super diligent type and need to highly analyze each decision and don’t call us first……

Every architect has an individual style and approach. You should not rush this process, but take the time you need to make the right decision. A personal referral is always better than picking someone off a list. There are simply some who fit better with certain projects and customers.  Places to start:

  • -talk to friends and neighbors who have done similar projects
  • -ask your Realtor
  • -ask local builders or trades people
  • -AIA (American Institute of Architects)
  • -for restoration projects, check with your local historical or preservation society

Plan to meet with several prospective architects, starting with a telephone conversation to weed out architects who don’t have the time or interest in your project. You may pick three or four questions to ask over the phone, and expect to ask the others in a more lengthy interview.  It is important that you feel comfortable working with the architect. They should be someone you feel you can trust, and someone who listens to you.

Questions to Ask an Architect:
Some of the questions you will probably ask on the phone before they even visit your project site. Others you will ask once you are talking to them in person.

  • -describe the project, ask whether they do this type of work, and what type of experience they have in the prospective project type
  • -how busy are they, and do they have the time to do your project?
  • -is there a fee for an initial consultation at your home/building/or job site?
  • -request literature that describes the firm’s qualifications and experience (often a web site)
  • -confirm that the architect you are meeting is the person who will actually work on your project or can the appropriate staff member join them.
  • -what is the architect’s design philosophy?
  • -how long will the design part of the project take?
  • -how does the architect establish fees?
  • -how does the architect organize the process? Do they stay involved during construction?
  • -what does the architect expect you to provide?
  • -what is the architect’s experience/track record with cost estimating?
  • -what will the architect show you along the way to explain the project? Are there various schemes or options? will you see models, drawings or computer animations?
  • -ask for references from past clients. find out how past clients feel about their new home
  • -verify that your architect holds a current license and insurance.
  • -does the architect have a list of past clients that you can contact?

Or you can just cut to the chase and call us first 914 674 2950, ask for Steve.