Why I hate HGTV

“But there is no way it can take 6 weeks for a permit to be issued by the village” stated my client. “It’s just one permit and they never have any issues with permits on the home show I watch”. I don’t want to be the heavy , don’t want to be the cynic- but c’mon!

imgres I wanted to scream ” It’s just a TV show-it’s entertainment wrapped in a hint of product placement, good-looking hosts, and 5% useful content and eye-candy”.  But I don’t. I try to temper the need for realistic expectations with the fact I am glad my customer has expressed an interest in more than their project. http://www.buzzfeed.com/adamdavis/give-me-granite-or-give-me-death#.ngejzKyNW

The truth is that construction, design, bidding, municipal approvals, are demanding. The fruits they yield are awesome and keep giving back for years. But it would not make for good TV if it reflected reality- I get that…. In the typical HGTV show, the renovation takes an episode. It  distills 4 months into neat series of 5 minute segments.

It’s just a disservice that they don’t talk about the obstacles that are overcome en route to the finished product-at least in a summary form-there is the core of my rancor.

I want to see food wrappers strewn across the lawn, building material shipments delivered to the wrong address, hung-over building inspectors missing their appointments, owners who cannot make up their minds about which tile to select, architects forgetting to have a application notarized, builders forgetting to use the port-a-potty- you get it. Let me be the first to admit it-I love reality,  I love the grind! Call Steve, 914 980 5532 and tell me your “not-even-close-to-HGTV-story”

no hgtv