How to Interview Architects

Let me suggest an approach that starts with easy questions then get into a few tougher ones.

images   Just to get the conversation going you may start-

  • 1. Like,”Tell me what you think of our project?”  or “Can you tell me a little more about the ___project that we saw on your website?”
  • 2. What kind of services do you offer?  Full package or limited? Are you involved during bidding and construction? How about approvals and permits?
  • 3. How do you bill?  Hourly, lump sum, square footage or percentage?
  • 4. What is typical schedule for similar projects?  Can you tell me a little about the various phases?
  • 5. What are your staffing levels, education levels?  How many are licensed?
  • 6. Work done in-house? or subbed out?
  • 7. Do you have strong relationships with certain contractors? Who are they? Can you tell me a little about them?
  • 8. How much experience do you have in this type of project?
  • 9. How much experience do you have in this municipality?
  • 10. Can you tell me a bit about jobs jobs that did not go well. What factors do you feel were at play here?
  • 11. How do you like to communicate?
  • 12. What percentage of work from referrals?
  • 13. Have you been involved in any judgements or law suits? What happened if  you can share?
  • 14. Can you provide us with similar project references?
  • 15. How many project in your office? Can you safely handle all projects?
  • 16. What else should I be asking?