Phasing Construction

“Are you telling me, that our budget cannot cover the entire project wish-list?”  Bob (a customer) asked recently.

“That’s right, not at this moment” I replied, “But you can plan to do it in rational phases”.

“Go on”  said Bob.

“If we plan the job so that the work that we can afford now won’t interfere with what we are planning later, we can tackle this”

The point being, we know “needs” often exceed resources available.  The  strategy is to analyze the work in a manner that selectively allows the work to continue in a phased-manner that does minimal disruption to earlier work and to bundle certain activities for economic,utility and construction  benefit.   We have a customer in Scarsdale that we have done 4 projects in a master-plan manner over 8 years and the finished project turned out great.  Available money was usually tied to yearly bonuses and fluctuated greatly.  We tailored the project to the funds and the overall objective so we could “bite-off” the right amount.  The other benefit to doing a project in phases is that sometimes your objectives change over time and with the passage of time you have the ability to change those priorities.  We often collaborate with builders to make sure that our assumptions are “real-world” and practical.

The down-side to this manner of working, is that there are inherently greater overall costs due to re-mobilization and basic repetitive costs like patching and repainting or redoing site-work, as well as a longer construction periods, which few residential or commercial customers like.  Also building permits and approvals can run out if certain precautions and extensions are not heeded and even regulations and codes can change mid-stream.

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