Repair, replace, move, or start over? Decision making for the indecisive

Often the prospect of tackling a design-construction project seems overwhelming. One needs to reduce the questions into simpler choices.  Gathering the legit information in order to frame the questions is often the most difficult part- since you want to have real, relevant data and information,  and not rely on assumptions that support some easy choice that you subconsciously are leaning toward.

I recently listened to an interesting podcast with Dan Heath the Author of “Decisive”….I thought many of the principles that he discussed were applicable to our industry…attached is the link to help you delve into your situation:

but I wanted to note here the applicablity of one of their methods of approaching decision-making…Dan Heath breaks down the process using the acronym W.R.A.P.

W- stands for Widen. meaning that instead of simple yes/no answers…Should we build the addition or not? We widen the framework to include other possibilities. What if we remodel what we have and use the space more efficiently? or move a portion of our storage to another location?

R- stands for Reality, means that we gather real information, expand our knowledge and test it against our possible choice- for example can we see  or use a similar building or project can we talk to someone who went through something similar? can we find out what it cost, how long it took to build? Has it answered the needs of the owner?

A- stands for Attain distance– means that we don’t get too consumed with our pre-determined notions and get too emotionally vested to see things clearly, Try to look objectively and dispassionately at the answers. Speak to others and get another point of view.

P-stands for Prepare to be wrong. Yes it happens, there may have been some factor that was overlooked, it doesn’t have to be a big buzz-kill.  Take precautions so the more you have your reponse prepared for the unexpected, the easier it is to deal with any eventualities.

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