Shall we Skip the Drama? or Will Your Construction Project turn into a Goat Rodeo?

I just love the image of someone trying to get control of these critters and making them behave. The analogy of course, is the players who contribute to a construction project: The Owners, Builders, Architects, Engineers, Inspectors, Vendors, Neighbors etc.  Each party convinced they are doing their part perfectly…

So then, what’s needed to avoid acts of needless drama?

  • 1. Do you have a good written construction agreement? search
  • 2. Are your finances in order- including a 10% contingency fund?  Don’t become a dead-beat or get hurt by potential extras.
  • 3. Did you plan for your daily operations and payables: parking, storage, eating, etc . Will your plans conflict with the contractors needs for parking, staging materials, portapotty, etc? A simple discussion is usually appropriate to catch any potential snags.  Who is monitoring your construction?
  • 4. Did you discuss with your contractors their on- site behavior, expectation and operations? Is smoking allowed? Radios? Parking? Dumpsters?
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  • 5. Are you properly insured? Call your insurance agent to discuss “builder risk” insurance. Once your home or building is renovated- it will be worth more. Are you covered for the full amount? Is your contractor properly covered? How about his subs?
  • 6.  Did you get a written construction schedule? Don’t just start and not know when you can expect to end. Even a “back of the envelope” schedule with a few milestone dates .
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  • 7. Are everyone’s contacts (emails, cell phones, yes addresses too)  available to those who need to know? contractors? Neighbors? Vendors? Service providers? Issues will come up- quickly !!! The ability to get to the right person (or their backup)  in short-order is critical.

Call Steve if you want numbers 8, 9 and 10…Steven Secon Architect 914 674 2950.