Zip Code, Genetic Code, Building Code

Who knew?

The enforcement of the building code-  can be a not-so-subtle form of discrimination. You move  between various zip codes and see the highly varying code enforcement differ from project to project. It’s bizarre.  Let’s face it we (architects, engineers, subs and builders) all talk and question where some municipalities lack of inspections and vigilance will lead .  We get it -there are budget cuts: staffing on both sides of the counter is spread thin and overwhelmed….but word gets around.

The favoritism given to some “connected” (read genetic code) builders is remarkable. We see it all the time and ponder some of these relationships. Do we want to use these guys because they will get the job built with little friction and speedy, loose inspections? Or do we want the guy who is a bit of a dark horse- whose work will be carefully reviewed and monitored? Or will they be over-scrutinized and delays accrue? Why did that guy get  a “stop work order” when the same work in the town next door goes smoothly, unhindered? Makes my head spin and is very hard to explain to customers

Yeah this is one of those puzzled rants designed to stimulate conversation…Can you tell me about your puzzling experience?  Call Steve 914 980 5532.