Yes , monitoring emergency construction and building code enforcement qualifies as essential services.

We are open for business.

Nobody is getting through this Pandemic without consequences.

Largely due to emergency construction continuing as an “essential” business, architects and engineers are considered related support and help to carry on code-enforcement activities and emergency construction.

Our new 2 family home project under construction in Dobbs Ferry, We jump in the pit and look at the soil and related conditions-but his is not “emergency” construction and has paused for the moment (May 9, 2020 at this writing)

More than ever, while the building departments are spread thin- someone’s got to make sure the projects are being built according to the drawings. That’s us. We’ve been through the post 2008 “cut-corner” quality dip during construction.

Those drawings for the projects that have our seal on them means we share liability when it’s complete. Whether the building inspector comes for a “drive-by” inspection because of the virus concerns, the owner and professional will bear the aftermath of a poor-hasty inspection that potentially allows sub-standard work.

Not on our watch. We monitor our projects and always try to use well-vetted contractors. While it’s essential to use common sense, proper hygienic protocols, social distancing, this is NO time to slack or put up the white flag. Stay strong and healthy.

Article by Steven Secon