Frontal Lobe Bender (design intentions)

The basic challenge- We are talking “interpretation” here.  One of the main challenges for architects, builders and engineers face is how and when to convey information. Drawings and specifications are by nature abstract-they summarize a set of instructions for someone else to execute.  Not terribly different for a recipe that a chef will cook. Luckily, […]

15 Year Anniversary -Thank you!

Today we’re celebrating the 15th year of opening my office, Steven Secon Architect.  I want to say a heart-felt thank you to my clients, builders, subcontractors, peers, building officials, municipal boards, friends, family and prospects! It’s been some ride…. It’s that season of reflection- with graduation and the pending “empty nest” around the corner. This […]

How things wear out…..Understanding Patterns of Usage

Worn Out! I have always found the way we use things to be fascinating.  From this interest, I’ve observed patterns of wear and usage. I love watching and analyzing. Partly for practical purposes, but also to see the aesthetic affects these special characteristics that emerge need to be addressed during design to prevent damage and prolong utility.  […]

These are not just walls, they are utility envelopes

Ok, I am an architect, not an engineer-so bear with me. I still get asked questions about what powers, ventilates, cools , warms, flushes, drains, ones home or building. So, what follows relates to practical explanations, and client brain-dump.  I go simple and pass on some rules of thumb, related observations and pointers: Power: you’re basic […]

Zip Code, Genetic Code, Building Code

Who knew? The enforcement of the building code-  can be a not-so-subtle form of discrimination. You move  between various zip codes and see the highly varying code enforcement differ from project to project. It’s bizarre.  Let’s face it we (architects, engineers, subs and builders) all talk and question where some municipalities lack of inspections and […]