Outdoor Living

Hey, we live in the northeast and after a long winter, we’ve never had so many requests for outdoor patios, BBQ, Bars, Living areas, jacuzzis, pools  etc. Folks have just had it! They want to be outside more….but wait what about the harsh winters?  The idea is really to maximize the shoulder seasons with a […]

Ma’am… please step over here…Design Profiling…

We all are special….just that…we’re not.  There are many common denominators, likes, dislikes, styles and characteristics that we gravitate towards.  Our tastes can be put in large buckets, analyzed and profiled to some degree. modern? We want a clear idea of what the client wants- not just how many bedrooms, or number of conference rooms, […]

Feng Shui- jive or legit?

After many discussions with clients, I can sense that apprehension..”Is Feng Shui- jive or legit?” Literally translated Feng Shui is Chinese for “Wind and Water” The practice of Feng Shui, employs many common sense principals and some more esoteric factors that are based on Astrology and eastern-based philosophies. The premise of Feng Shui helps organize […]