Contractor Payment During Construction

Until you understand terms like “retainage”, “change orders” and “lien waivers”, you have no basis for paying your contractor without really understanding the process and concepts. It’s unlike payment for most goods or most services and has many elements that one should understand.  Some aspects are self-preservation, but others are important for the contractor.  Because you […]

Survey This!

Don’t get lucky…. Here’s a cautionary tale about a lousy survey that we recently received for a small project: the house was situated on a small lot on which we were going to do an addition.  The house was located on the survey 2 feet in error closer to the side yard property line.  If […]

10 common project oversights

Glad to hear that you’re considering moving forward with your project. How much should you bite off and what should you consider? Here are 10 common project oversights to avoid.   Here goes: 1. How well have you planned?  How complete are your drawings? How thorough is your construction Contract? 2. How much have you thought […]