Time to get off the Fence?

It’s that that sinking,  agitated felling of indecisiveness. The time slipping away, the what-ifs….. We urge potential customers to at least explore some options before fully committing…..Perhaps you have considered repairing, remodeling or adding on to you home or business and do not know where to begin. Let’s talk…914 980 5532 ask for Steve It […]

I’ll buy that myself… but what are you saving?

Many savvy owners know that General Contractors (GC) markup materials, fixtures and their subcontractors work. Accordingly, the owner wants to bypass this markup (often >10%) and provide the items themselves. The savings can be substantial and “points” earned on your credit card can mean airline tickets in a shorter time. BUT, what many owners fail […]

The right time for your construction project?

We fully get it.  Doing this project seems like a huge risk. The money, the inconvenience, the uncertainty…”Did you hear what happened to Mike and Jennifer?” Here’s a brief video that delves into the common themes and the most important reasons to consider moving ahead…. We specialize in soothing the doubts, minimizing the unknown and […]

Where to scrimp – where to spend

Here’s a quick discussion of the primary factors that influence design/construction spending, value and return-on-investment (ROI). Clearly the location of your home or business trumps all other factors: simply because it is the most difficult to change and affects so much else.  Don’t scrimp here. You are also protecting your investment because the better neighborhood or region has many […]

Reasonable Appliances Anyone?

From Consumer Reports  (best Buys): Best single  30″ gas oven Fridgidaire Gallery FGGF3032MW, cost $700 30″ smoothtop induction cooktop, Whirlpool GCI3061 xb, $1200 30″ Refrigerator (top freezer) Haier HT18TS77SP, $600 24″ Dishwasher Bosch ascenta SHX3AR7(5) UC $700 OK, you will have to subscribe to Consumer Reports to get their full low down, and it does […]