How to interview a Contractor

The basic idea and strategy I use in the interview process is intro, small talk to get them talking, and pepper in a few tough questions, ask follow up questions, conclude with a few easy ones. Remember that this is not an interrogation, so just use a few of these-

The Design and Construction Process 101.

Designing and building a house or building takes a while. Figure a year often more. For an addition deduct about 30%. Why does it take so long? Because there is a lot that goes into it. For simplicity we organize this in 3 basic parts, with sub-headings. In summary: preparation
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Recent Project Cost Increases

Like many architects, we’ve been getting back bids in the past few months (summer/fall 2021) that were higher than expected. Wow! Why? -Post pandemic factors include: – material costs have risen dramatically (see lumber costs in the chart below) Now the metal-costs have soared. -Supply chain factors (i.e lumber mill
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Dos and don’ts of Project Closeout

Getting through the finish line of a construction project can be difficult. Transgressions may have happened during the project , and the window to “settle the score” may seem to be vanishing. Owners, builders, subcontractors and architects may double-down and gird for confrontation. This is usually a poor strategy for
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Architects and Engineers vs Covid

Wind and air movement You have been subjected to months worth of social distancing, hand washing, masking and related hygiene precautions. But you should also be reminded that since the virus is primarily spread as airborne particles there are simple environmental features you can control to minimize its potential harm