Space and Light

Among the most basic elements architects have to design with are Space and Light. As Lao Tzu said “The utility of the cup comes from the emptiness of the vessel”. S P A
Rye NY- Backyard Sanctuary

Scale and Proportion

Many clients start off the design process by proudly handing us a sketch and disclaimer-“kinda like this”.  They tilt their head and wait for a reaction.  “Hmm”, I reply. How literally should I take this suggestion?Understanding scale and proportion is a lifetime endeavor. Depicting space is really difficult! (even with
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How to be a Good Client for Builders and Architects

Imagine that you hired a builder or architect for your project. Among the next things, you’ll notice is- that neither comes with an owner’s manual. So how

Great Expectations for Client and architect

Whether a project is breaking bad or good depends mostly on one issue: construction project expectations being met or not. To meet or exceed expectations is critical.  This occurs through conversations and observation about

Renovation 101 …we get it.

For many people dealing with their First time Renovation and the design process, it can be a little overwhelming.  Even for those who have been through it before-this post can serve as a refresher course. Who do you turn to?  What resources are out there? Why should you believe us?
Baby Steps