Expanding or Exodus: Staying Put with an Addition vs. Moving to a New House

The need and desire for more space is a common refrain among homeowners. Between growing families, evolving hobbies, and the ever-expanding need for a home office, it’s no wonder we find ourselves yearning for extra square footage. But the question arises: do we build an addition onto our current home
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Why Do Construction Projects have 3 Steps?

Designing and building a house or building takes a while. Figure a year often more. Why ? Because there is a lot that goes into it. One doesn’t just build. Just like a chef needs a recipe, builders need complete drawings or else the results are bad and the costs

The Trifecta

Current Interest Rates, Low Home Inventory, and Home Construction Introduction and influences In the world of real estate and construction, a delicate dance is underway, choreographed by a trio of factors: current interest rates, low home inventory, and construction costs. These interwoven elements form a complex relationship, impacting the housing

Construction Project Delivery Choices

4 Basic Methods of Project Delivery Conventional: Design-Bid-Build In this method (the most common) the architect or engineer designs and prepares the drawings, obtains the approvals, then bids the drawings among several general contractors (GC-usually general contractor- who have several sub-contractors working for them) reviews the bids with the owner,
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Deciphering Market Tremors and Signals

So the Fed raised interest rates …What does that mean? War on multiple frontiers? It may mean it’s more costly to borrow money for your construction project. Does your crystal ball indicate what the Fed may do in another 6 months? Neither does mine…did anyone really forecast a pandemic? So