Air Movement vs Covid

Wind and air movement You have been subjected to months worth of social distancing, hand washing, masking and related hygiene precautions. But you should also be reminded that since the virus is primarily spread as airborne

Why do Our Projects Run Smoothly?

Because we make sure our clients understand what’s happening in the they get it. No surprises-just clear communication and thoughtful decisions executed in a timely manner. That’s the key to projects that run smoothly. Who gets it and how? Those many clients that listen and seek the counsel of
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Sign of the times?

As we are on the cusp of re-opening commerce / construction in the Westchester county, we are still being sensitive to the psychological mindset of our clients and prospects.
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Is NOW the right time for your construction project?

We fully get it.   The jitters from the pandemic, the job insecurity, the money, the inconvenience, AND the uncertainty.  But have you considered these factors and opportunities: One will never see interest rates like this again. Your
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7 Steps to a Better Home Office or Shop

So you may be adapting to the Pandemic with some resignation and newly forced to work from home. Many on the WFH (work from home) frontier may also benefit from this post as well. Here’s 7 tips on making your home office or work space better. Frequently your mood will