Are you really ready for construction? Read this checklist first…

Not the time to locate your cell phone…..


Aside from having your project in order, life gets very topsy-turvy when you have the added issues of construction to the mix. Don’t get blind-sided.  Based on years of customer feedback, we’ve compiled a short-list of  items
you’ll want to remember….So here goes-

Make arrangements with your all your vendors incuding security/alarm/internet provider/ utility providers

Maintenance Arrange with contractor who pays for utilities during construction, are there disconnections/reconnections needed?…Will continued landscaping or maintenance contracts reflect conditions during construction?

Schools/organizations/work/neighbors/friends/relatives Are there new or temporary notifications that are needed?

Insurance Your completed-new project will be worth more than the current value of your home, are you adequately covered? Are you adequately covered during construction? Builders’ risk insurance must be provided during construction.  Are you located near the shore?  Flood zone boundaries are subject to change.

Postal Are you having your mail forwarded? Collected? Is a P.O. Box needed ?

Staying during construction Are temporary measures needed for bathing, power, heating, water, cooking, storage, security, access, debris removal, utilities, etc…pitch a tent?

Moving/relocation/pets Will you be out of premises? Are arrangements fully in order? Is temporary storage needed? Medications-doctor visits?  Kennels?

Owner provided items for Installation Have you purchased the items in a timely manner, inspected them and confirmed their storage on site for the builder to install? Temporary storage containers       Contact 800 GET EAGLE, PODS Moving/packing       Edit & toss- first get Dumpster-do not move items more than needed.  Make arrangements with adequate time.

Emergency Contact info Does everyone know who needs to know your temporary or new contact info?

Final paperwork in order Do you have the new Certificate of Occupancy, warranties, maintenance manuals, new as-built surveys to reflect the completed project, are all permits and applications in order?

Keep your eye on the prize and most of the inconvenience will be soon forgotten.