Force Majeure and Covid

Force majeure translates literally from French as superior force. In English, the term is often used in line with its literal French meaning, but it has other uses as well, including one that has roots in a principle of French law. In business circles, “force majeure” describes those uncontrollable events (such as war, labor stoppages, or extreme […]

Cold Feet before a Construction Project?

Hell yes, going through a construction project is a big commitment. Indecision and cold feet are perfectly normal in this situation. The amount of time and money, energy & decisions is considerable.  Thinking about the inconvenience and apprehensions about possibly living out of your house or having your office compromised for a few months can be […]

Architect and Client Selection-matchmaking

The reality of architecture is that if the project gets built, it needs a client to pay for it.  Consequently, the client has a great deal of control over the outcome of the appearance, budget and utility.  Having alignment between the client-owner and architect is critical. While clients tend to interview several architects before selecting […]