don't woory
don't woory
Hell yes, going through a construction project is a big commitment. Indecision and cold feet are perfectly normal in this situation. The amount of time and money, energy & decisions is considerable.  Thinking about the inconvenience and apprehensions about possibly living out of your house or having your office compromised for a few months can be daunting.  Who is going to look over your construction budget before the work begins?
Especially if you have not been through it before.  But we have….You’ve heard the stories and don’t want any part of that.  Delays, cost overruns, …We have plans and tactics to get you through it, with little drama and actual fun.  Battle tested checklists, schedules, templates and ways of monitoring that are sensible and enforceable.

But the doubters and their second thoughts linger- how will I know?..  The more you know , the less you fear.  The more you prepare and remove the possibility of failure- fear subsides when you start.  All the planning , research and due diligence is what largely is your protection and comfort.  Managing expectations is critical-which happens through knowledge.


Let’s start:
1. Ask neighbors, friends, colleagues, family about their project- how did they do? Any issues? If they did go off the rails, what were the clues that lead to the issues? Research, Vet, Interview, check references
2. Get the right people: experienced builders, seasoned architects or engineers , insightful lenders.
4. Obtain construction schedules.
5. Monitor, notice, observe, question- require accountability from all parties. Ask, Question, Delve deeper.
6. Pay promptly, answer quickly , be present
7. Deliver materials that you buy when needed.
Don't worry!
The construction process can also be a lot of fun since the transformation is often so radical that clients cannot be quite believe the extents of the changes. It can also be transformative for kids to watch the changes occur and relationships with the contractor are common.
Really, in 19 years, that’s over 400 projects ,  we only had to actually throw one contractor off the project- since he went bankrupt, and had so many other issues concealed -but we quickly resurrected the project and got it done.

Since the result is what it’s all about, clients have a universal reaction…Which is “Why didn’t we do this earlier?”

How many investments can you actually live in and appreciate if you build it in a thoughtful manner?
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