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How to save at least $10,000 on your medium size renovation!  Don’t blow your construction budget! Here’s how to save at least $10,000 on your medium size renovation…Really!

1. Save costs on your demolition by recycling your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures- contact Green Demolitions for details, Noel Grabill 203 247 9030….related tax credits can easily reach $3,000 to 7,000.

2. Buy your own fixtures,tiles and cabinets, eliminates the 15% that a general contractor marks up on these items…In a typical $250,000 project, one could easily spend $35,000 worth of fixtures,tiles and cabinets. That example, at 15% that would result in $5250 savings.

Here’s a link to Direct Buy.  a subscription based purchasing membership with a $5200 initial fee and annual fee of $199 but steep discounts that many of my customers have successfully.Image result for happy

3. Hire your own painter, this is usually the easiest subcontractor to deal with. Typical $15,000 painting job, eliminates the 15% that the general contractor marks up this trade, saves over $2200.

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Article by Steven Secon