Do You Need a Building Permit?

Obtaining building permits for construction work is often misunderstood and frustrating for the Owner who wants to “Just do it”. Small projects too, often fall under regulations that required a building permit.  Here’s a sampler of why. FEES: Building permits have a fee that is paid to the municpality that is usually proportional to the […]

Time to get off the Fence?

It’s that that sinking,  agitated felling of indecisiveness. The time slipping away, the what-ifs….. We urge potential customers to at least explore some options before fully committing…..Perhaps you have considered repairing, remodeling or adding on to you home or business and do not know where to begin. Let’s talk…914 980 5532 ask for Steve It […]

Top 5 do’s and don’ts for construction projects

There’s typically a sense of apprehension going into a construction project for many owners. Top 5 do’s and don’ts for construction projects stem from a fear of the unknown.  From years of experience, I can say with confidence that gathering information in a timely manner is the single best antidote to calm these fears. so […]

I think it’s his……top 4 neighboring property issues

Hmm, I think it’s his… Issues that pertain to property and property-improvements are big hot-buttons between neighbors for obvious reasons: the related costs and inconvenience to resolve can be significant…and the emotional toll can be very stressful.  The most common issues pertain to fences, trees, easements, and drainage. “By the way” my client casually mentioned […]