It seems so simple: you’re doing an addition to your home, or remodeling your office to improve your situation and your neighbors will be understanding.

That may be the case.  Or not.  Your delight and improvement may be a major inconvenience for your neighbors. And you should acknowledge this and help pave the way for a smooth project by getting some advice up front. Friction during the construction process can be very stressful and is usually avoidable.

Here are some thoughts to consider from your neighbors viewpoint before you get rolling and the contractors show up.

1.  Did you speak to your neighbors in person to describe what you are doing?

2.  Are you and your builders going to be respectful and understanding? Are your builders blaring music all day and leaving lunch debris on site?  Will construction debris be cleaned up daily?

3.  Did you offer your email & telephone number in case they need to reach you? (and not call the building department first?)

4.  Do you actually know the legal hours of construction in your town? Are your builders fully aware of them?

5.  Are there any regulated activities, like rock chipping, that have even more restrictions?

6.  For offices, are there predetermined times / locations for material deliveries?

7.  What are the parking restrictions for contractors?

8.  Are there staging and material storage considerations that you should discuss with the contractors?

9.  Drainage during construction can be affected, muddy streets, untidy construction debris, noisy power tools, early morning material delivery are all possible inconveniences that may be encountered- what have you done to help minimize them?

10. Will you invite them to the house-warming party in recognition of their patience during the construction process?

I’ve got a few other suggestions, give me  call to discuss, 914 980 5532- ask for Steve.






Article by Steven Secon