Top 12 Design Trends for 2022

Top 12 trends (and their causes) we are expecting for the next year, some aesthetic and some on the technical spectrum : Steven Secon Architect’s top 12 design trend predictions for 2022 As the new year begins, you might be making new resolutions. If you’ve been semi-stuck inside your house for nearly two years, you […]

How to interview a Contractor

The basic idea and strategy I use in the interview process is intro, small talk to get them talking, and pepper in a few tough questions, ask follow up questions, conclude with a few easy ones. Remember that this is not an interrogation, so just use a few of these- It’s an interview for the […]

The Design and Construction Process 101.

Designing and building a house or building takes a while. Figure a year often more. For an addition deduct about 30%. Why does it take so long? Because there is a lot that goes into it. For simplicity we organize this in 3 basic parts, with sub-headings. In summary: a. 2-6 months to design and […]