imagesIt’s that that sinking,  agitated felling of indecisiveness. The time slipping away, the what-ifs….. We urge potential customers to at least explore some options before fully committing…..Perhaps you have considered repairing, remodeling or adding on to you home or business and do not know where to begin.

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It is a big commitment. The time, money and effort to perform the work are substantial. You’ve heard the horror stories and understand the risks and don’t want any part of that……

One want to have the right people doing the right work following a schedule and honoring a budget.  We see to it.

There is a definite sequence to the manner a project should proceed. We’ve been there, hundreds of times. We’ve gleaned the best practices and also know where the bodies are buried. Here is the 1,2,3 simplified version:

1. reflect- get as much info as possible, talk to lots of people: builders, municipal officials, bank lenders, architects, designers, suppliers, browse the web, try to list your objectives, try to prioritize you objectives, investigate budget

2.  focus- narrow down how much you can spend, interview people and companies that would be suitable for the project, Establish schedules, accountability

3. execute- Stay organized, get your drawings, permits and contracts, insurance, builders in order.  Get materials with time to spare, pay your vendors and contractors promptly.


When you realize how much time you can potentially squander while sitting on the fence as opposed to getting things done- you’ll realize it’s a good move to get the utility of the decision and to do it …you’ll  wonder why you did not commit earlier!

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Article by Steven Secon