There’s typically a sense of apprehension going into a construction project for many owners. Top 5 do’s and don’ts for construction projects stem from a fear of the unknown.  From years of experience, I can say with confidence that gathering information in a timely manner is the single best antidote to calm these fears.

so here goes:


  1. Do ask a lot of questions before the project, during the project and after the project. Understand and digest the answer.
  2. Do approach the project from different angles to understand the vantage point of the different participants.
  3. Do make informed decisions in a timely manner. Nothing delays a project like a wishy-washy owner who cannot make a decision.
  4. Do remain calm and open to suggestions yet firm: these type of projects and situations have all be done before (maybe not by you) and there are lots of resources to harvest.
  5. Do pay promptly. There is no catalyst to start the ball rolling in the wrong direction like monies that are owed and hard feelings that accompany them. Money is the fuel that turns the material and labor into a valuable addition or office.



  1. Do not be disorganized. Whether your folder is digital or manila, the ability to have the information in a retreivable manner is critical.
  2. Do not believe everybody’s answer. The project is a subjective collection of opinions. Ask-evaluate-decide-act.
  3. Do not believe that there are such hard and fast rules. There are many ways to bend the rules to your favor: negotiation is expected, exceptions to the code are built-in,
  4. Do not start the project until you have at least 10% additional money than the poject is budgeted for, and 20% additional time in your design and construction schedule.
  5. Do not be difficult and sour. The construction team will naturally do a better job for folks they like, respect and trust.

We’ve got a few more suggestions up our sleeve- please call us to find out!

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Article by Steven Secon