Is this Your First Project?

Get off the fence buy a home

You probably have the symptoms  (nod to Woody Allen) and have been sitting on the fence for a while-

The house is too small- your kids’ stuff is simply overflowing into the halls…maybe you don’t know where to begin


Your partners office just seems too close to yours and his voice seems louder than it used to be…

Did parking get harder in your parking lot?

You know you need to do something but the whole idea of engaging another project when you are already spread thin seems insane.  This is where we step in and listen to your problems and issues and see what objectives and options you have.  We break the whole process down into discreet, feasible phases that are realistic and achievable.  Is it all stress-free?  no-let’s keep it real- but absolutely do-able.

We become your advocate and ally and will guide you through the whole 5 step process…simply put:

1. Design and information gathering

2. Drawing development- like a story , we start with the big picture (how big should it be, where should it be located) or then and then develop the details (where does the light-switch belong?) to make the drawings suitable for obtaining the approvals and ready to bid and build.

3. Approvals -we navigate the maze of municipal approvals: planning boards, zoning boards, architectural review boards- we speak their language.. and as a former building inspector I have a good idea what angle to play.  You most likely are going to need a permit so chill-out and watch us cut through the red-tape.

4. Bidding and negotiation- We have a great crew of contractors suited to any sized job which we have worked with for years- we know the buttons to push in order to get you the best price and more importantly the best value. We are always happy to work with new qualified builders-after we do the proper vetting.

5. Construction- we’re there watching to make sure things go smoothly and your expectations are being met,  answer questions, and assure everybody is paid fairly….also as a former building inspector -we know what shortcuts to watch out for and what alternate solutions work.

Relax, we’ve done it hundreds of times for different projects, in different cities, for demanding customers.  We get it… even if it feels foreign to you…. we have the battle scars and references to prove it.

Please click to watch the the normal process and sequence of a project unfold.  Also please look at our budget and schedule blog posts.

We have the right contacts from builders to lenders, movers and decorators to make the whole process smooth.  When you’re ready or just want to talk call 914 674 2950.