How to make easy design changes for the elderly and physically challenged..

We have all watched an elderly person struggle at a curb, some with walkers, canes, or in wheelchairs. It’s not very difficult to modify a curb, for example, to make it easier to use. This also benefits a mother with stroller, a delivery via handtruck, a physically challenged person and yes the skateboarder too.

Basic principals of this kind of universal design and barrier removal include:

-Minimizing the distances traveled between point A and point B

-Allowing easier passage by widening doorways, hallways, reducing bumps, providing railings, grips, etc.

-Making the operation/use of facilities and features easier-by requiring less force and flexibility, providing more light, making signals louder, signage bigger, creating steps and ramps that are less steep

There is a littany of rules, regulations, codes that address this..some even that are contradictory. But the point is to try…if we’re not there now, we’ll all be there some day. 

Some examples of related work we’ve done:

widened doorways

widened doorways above,  wheelchair ramp below

Wheelchair ramp


Some grab bars, a roll in shower and a sink that you can manuever your wheelchair beneath keeps a senior living in his house much longer.


Note lowered counter for wheelchair access

Note lowered counter for wheelchair access

As the son of a blind mother, I may have some idea of the challenges you may be facing… let’s talk….914 674 2950   ask for Steve