Post Storm Again- Now What?

My neighbors tree…

Hopefully the storm did not really hit you hard. But if it did- have the property inspected by a qualified professional for damage -some may be apparent and some concealed

If you just leave it to an insurance adjuster who represents a company that is reluctant to pay -be careful.

Also, one should carefully monitor your property and structures for potential mold growth as the water does its thing.  One of the best companies for mold related remediation is Air Quality Restoration,  email Frank Petrullo at or call them tel 914 245 3100.

If you haven’t already heeded previous warnings,  do not get blind-sided again! Get a generator, fuel, water, cash, etc, and a plan for when these events happen.  Really,  you’re too smart to just “wing” it.

If you live in a flood plain or are entertaining thoughts of raising or fortifying your house or building, please give us a call and we can review the necessary steps.


helpful link from FEMA