What’s up with all the scaffolding in NYC?

About 32 years ago, laws went into effect requiring facade inspections for buildings taller than 6 stories in NYC.¬† In general terms, an architect or engineer must inspect the building facades every 5 years to confirm that the conditions do not pose a threat to public safety…..

Sooo, when the facade repairs are being undertaken or there have been dangerous conditions discovered, scaffolds (called sidewalk bridges-see photo above) are installed for pedestrian protection.  The catalyst for this law, unfortunately, was the death of a Columbia University student struck by falling building fragments.

We go up on scaffolds to carefully check on the conditions of the building, document the conditions, and often prepare drawings to guide contractors through cost-effective repairs.

So if you know building owners who may need to comply with these building department requirements or just need help to ascertain the condition of their building- Let’s talk and see where you stand 914 674 2950-ask for Steve.

facade repair needed

facade repair needed