Who else is going to be reviewing my project?

There are several levels of review and approval needed before one gets the “shovel in the ground” to begin construction. Among the typical reviews are : municipal agencies, banks or lenders and related parties.  Each entity will look at the project from independent yet connected vantage-points

When the municipality has to review the project, they generally need to know-

-where it is located

-how it will be built and used

-who will be using it

-what demands will the project create on the infrastructure…i.e traffic, schools, parking, and so forth.

-that it will be built to “code” or current regulations via various departments, review boards, commissions, and inspectors for their evaluation and concerns. See our other blogs for more information.

The banks also want to make sure that the project is viable in several ways

-how much will it cost?

-Is the loan or financing consistent with other projects of a similar nature?

-Who will be building it, what’s their track record?

-Are the drawings complete? Will there be unexpected construction costs due to missing information?

-Has due diligence been performed? Environmental, legal, etc

-The banks also want to make sure they get their money back, and accordingly will review the related business plan to see if the intended use allows for a profitable, stable venture.

Related parties may include:

-Insurers- are they underwriting a project in a flood zone?  Or a highly hazardous occupancy?

-Owners-i.e. if a mall owner is allowing a certain tenant mix-does the next tenant fit the profile? Or a condo owner wanting to add a bathroom-will that additional bathroom create too much demand for hot water? –or create a leak hazard?

-Utility companies- what kind of demand will be put upon their services?

We’ve navigated many projects, in various municipalities and have the battle-tested knowledge to help your project get built. With a nod to Joan Rivers,  just one question…..“Can we talk?”.