Forgive the analogy, but you should program the name of a reliable, well-respected architect in your project-GPS before departing on your construction journey.

Here’s why-You’ll need guidance on several frontiers before spending considerable money, energy and time on design and construction…. as well as figuring out the design, making sure the budget can accomplish your goals, navigating the municipal approvals, determining who should build it, negotiating with that builder, watching it get built properly, all while making sure it looks great and lasts.

You may also need an advocate to battle with an occasional municipal  bully, a not-so-scrupulous contractor, advise on conflicting suggestions from your mother-in-law, wife, decorator and guy at the store. We have a certain distance from the project and can see it from various viewpoints…. imgres We’ve been doing this a long time and recognize the process can be daunting. We look to soften this by guiding clients with lots of information, schedules, previews and a lot communication with checkpoints to make sure we move forward together and feel comfortable. Occasionally, there are projects that we are not well-suited for and can better serve by referral…..we’ll steer you to the right architect, engineer or designer.

We’re different from other architects because I was a former building inspector, construction monitor– and am still an artist and serve on our city’s planning board.  That means we have a background that enables us to provide real-world insights from multiple angles and give feedback in more constructive manners than most architects. More importantly our clients feel this way and would be happy to share their insights -Upon request,  we’ll furnish you a list with 5-10 references for you to discuss your project with.

Article by Steven Secon