Baby Steps

Renovation 101 …we get it.

Embarking on a renovation project can feel overwhelming, especially for first-timers. Even seasoned renovators might need a refresher. So, who do you turn to for guidance, and what resources are out there?

At our end, we strive to be that source of guidance. With over 400 successful projects under our belt, we’ve faced the hurdles, learned the ropes, and developed strategies to make the process smoother, more efficient, and even enjoyable for our clients.

The hesitation and worries that come with a renovation project are normal. The time, money, decisions, and potential disruptions to your living or workspaces can be daunting. But fear not, as we’ve honed plans and tactics to guide you through this journey with minimal drama and perhaps even some fun.


We listen well. We ask a lot of questions. We pull on the same end of the rope with you. This saves time, reduces fees and results in happier clients.


To address the doubts, it’s all about knowledge. The more you know and prepare, the less daunting the process becomes. It’s crucial to educate yourself by learning from others’ experiences, creating a realistic budget, choosing the right team, having solid contracts, and closely monitoring every step.

But it’s not just about mitigating fears; it’s also about the excitement and transformation that a renovation can bring. The process can be incredibly rewarding, leading to significant changes and even creating lasting relationships with the professionals working on your project.

In our extensive experience, we’ve encountered challenges but have always found solutions. The key is in being well-prepared before diving into the project.

If you’re considering a renovation, we’re here to help. Let’s talk, discuss your concerns, and get your plans in order before you begin.

Some basics

1. Ask neighbors, friends, colleagues, family about their project- what did they do? Any issues? Educate yourself. If they did go off the rails, what were the clues that lead to the issues? Develop and stick to a construction budget…Research, Vet, Interview, check references
2. Get the right people: experienced builders, seasoned architects or engineers, insightful lenders.
   Understand when you need a permit
4. Obtain construction schedules. Anticipate, question, ask to follow up questions until it makes sense.
5. Monitor, notice, observe, question- require accountability from all parties. Ask, Question, Delve deeper.
6. Pay promptly, answer quickly, be present
7. Deliver materials that you buy when needed.
Since the result is what it’s all about, clients have a universal reaction…Which is “Why didn’t we do this earlier?”
How many investments can you actually live in and appreciate- if you build it in a sensible Renovation 101 manner?
Call Steve 914 980 5532. Let’s talk. Ohmm…
Get your ducks in a row, BEFORE the project.
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