We fully get it.   The jitters from the pandemic, the job insecurity, the money, the inconvenience, AND the uncertainty. 

But have you considered these factors and opportunities:

  1. One will never see interest rates like this again. Your borrowing power is at it’s highest. Probably in your lifetime. With inflation concerns, the FED appears poised to raise the rates shortly .
  2. With the developing trends of lower Westchester county, properties are becoming more desirable and valuable due to the exodus of young families reluctant to stick it out and deal with the Covid issues in the city.
  3. Builders are still hungry for new work: one will get stronger leverage on their purchasing power despite some price escalation.

My point is that it may be a BIGGER risk by not taking the risk to improve your property or building right now.

Questions you overheard like “Did you hear what happened to Mike and Jennifer’s project ?” can unnerve you, then again, if you scratch below the surface and delve in, Mike and Jennifer were unprepared-they did not have the right team of designers or builders on board to do the work. They probably did not ask the right questions. We help you avoid that and get the right players, doing the right things at the right times to make the experience seamless and , yes, fun.

There can be hesitation in many things we do or don’t. But education and preparation is the best way of being ready to seize an opportunity. So if you are looking back 2 years from now in your new addition which you paid less and got a better project delivery-will you be upset for having taken the chance? Or will you sit on it and make due? Maybe a good narrative of things are “just fine the way they are?”

We specialize in soothing the doubts, minimizing the unknown and previewing the client experience for the un-initiated.  There are so many reasons not to do it.  But after you consider the potential opportunity cost that you are about to waste, you may want to reconsider….


We’ve had many clients come to us after the project and ask the favorite rhetorical question” “What was I waiting for?”  If you can get past all the excuses, rationalizations, and self doubts -you’ll realize just how satisfying it is to fashion, design, mold the backdrop of your future with the advice and security of our steady hand to guide you. https://seconarchitect.com/i-wish-i-knew-that-before-the-project-began/

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Article by Steven Secon