Hey, we live in the northeast and after a long winter, we’ve never had so many requests for outdoor patios, BBQ, Bars, Living areas, jacuzzis, pools  etc.

Folks have just had it! They want to be outside more….but wait what about the harsh winters?  The idea is really to maximize the shoulder seasons with a few heaters, fireplaces or other warming features. It can easily add 3 additional enjoyable months outside and make your home seem much bigger and more flexible.

Projects tend to run 10k for a small simple stone patio, to 150k for bells and whistles like jacuzzis, bars, outdoor TVs, BBQs, pools and more complex grading and if retaining walls are needed to level out a section of yard.

Makes a hard day a whole lot easier

While many clients understand that we have a regional flooding problem because of over-development, few realize that their new “impervious” surface of the patio or pool adds to the issue.  As a result, on site drainage storage like dry-wells (that are like underground chambers that hold the water and the rain-water leech out slowly) often need to be provided, water-loving plants or additional connections to the storm water sewer.

Another factors include orientation to the sun, kitchen, level of the house or building, as well as proximity to your neighbor or property lines.  Don’t even get me started on the pool-cabana  site planning issues!

You probably know someone who needs one of these!  Please ask them to call Steve at 914 980 5532!






Article by Steven Secon