Your guys, my guys, those guys? Who is going to build the project?

After months of design, municipal approvals, and funding questions- we often get to the question “Who is going to build it?”…watch this

So how do you select your builder?

Many customers are convinced they know somebody…because the guy down the street had a good experience with some builder.  Or their brother in-law’s friend is just starting out and eager to gain traction and reputation.  Or my customer goes on-line to get dazzled by the great 5 star reviews that CNJ Construction Company garnered.

Bullshit. One in four contractors will not be around in five years. The aforementioned went under during one of our projects – not one of our guys. Call me @ 914 674 2950, let’s discuss your situation.

The stakes?

The stakes are too high to plunk down 350k (the average size project we worked on last year) and hope you have the right guy. From delays, to inferior work, extra, to liens, inconvenience etc- you don’t want any part of that. For the most part, we’ve worked with the same seven or eight builders over the past 17 years. We have strong relations with them and we refer them work when we feel they would be a good match for our clients and their project. We have seen their struggles and strengths and know who to assign to which project or at least have them bidding work that is in their wheelhouse and travel radius.

A General Contractor is really the sum of 10-15 subcontractors, numerous vendors and a their own work force.  The GC typically are carpenters, capable of coordinating the various trades in a rational manner.  The GC is a team of teams and have their own affiliations. When their favorite electrician is too busy, they usually have a B-list.

When we bid the project- we ask in our bid form about the main subcontractors and inquire when we don’t see the Usual Suspects listed on their roster to understand the full picture of the team.

Common sense and assumption testing…

We will defer to our client’s wishes of course, but just want to express our concerns. We’ve done over 400 projects since opening and have the scars and accolades to prove it. Watch this again 

How does this process work?  Call me @ 914 674 2950, let’s discuss your situation.

If our clients insist on using their guy,  we will carefully vet them and make sure we have the right guy aboard. But even that vetting is no match for years of experience working side-by-side through thick and thin.

Just saying., let’s talk 914 980 5532, ask for Steve.

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