Living Through Construction or Moving Out?

” So Tom, tell me are you going to be staying in the house during construction or moving out?” I recently asked one of my clients.


“I’m not sure” he responded, “Joe the GC, said it would be alot easier for him if we were out of his way, and there would be a lot less inconvenience for us.”

“True, but have you investigated the cost of renting a place for 6 months and the related moving cost?”


This is a very common conversation that we have after the bids roll in and the permits are in hand.

Some projects simply are too invasive to consider staying – so the conversation may not be applicable, but many projects have this fundamental question hovering over the project. So let me explain the feedback that I’ve received over the past 20+ years.


Staying in the home:

  • -Saves money (in the tens of thousands) in rent, utilities¬†and the move-out and move-back cost.
  • -Takes longer due to logistics for the contractor moving around you and your family, additional cleanup,temporary storage , ¬†etc.
  • -Creates more friction since there are more moving pieces on a daily basis
  • -Allows you to keep a more watchful eye on the project.
  • -Means you probably are making alternate cooking, parking, storage, laundry, access arrangements
  • -Increases the communication platform since you are in the thick of the project.
  • -Kids are often fascinated by the construction and frequently form friendships with the builders.


Living away:

  • -Moving part of your belongings twice-or Pod-temporoary storage
  • -Less hassle with parking, workers.
  • -Enables the project to proceed faster
  • -Costs more.
  • -More disruptive in being out of your routine.

We’d be happy to put you in touch with clients who’ve been through the various scenarios, who can share their story directly with you, please call me -and I’ll connect you!



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