Are you ready to get ready? Or are you going to do it?

O v e r w h e l m e d !

Is the description I often hear from my customers and potential customers:  The sensation of taking on a construction project- on top of their already busy schedule. We get it. That’s why we’re here. We are more that just architects. We manage projects, establish schedules, expectations, budgets, and know the players.

That’s why there is little drama in our projects…

We specialize in addressing the project involvement of  busy  people and know what questions to ask, what issues to foresee, which strings to pull and when to pull them. It’s more that just experience- it’s reflecting on those experiences, it’s surveying our clients after the projects, to glean what worked, what did not and incorporating those lessons.

But the number one lesson we can tell , is this- Get started-Now. There is no perfect time to begin. And the clock is ticking. This means you may be actively preventing the commencement of your own joy and progress by fussing over minor issues.  Instead get started, you probably already have the right information at hand to make some basic decisions. As the project unfolds you’ll be making more decisions-with more information at hand.

We carefully break the process down into manageable chunks, meet with you at your convenience, give and get realistic feedback and crush it! Skype much? Computer sharing? Evening conference-telephone calls? We get it, the project is one additional blip on your radar, we make ourselves available.

Stop hemming and hawing…Better Call Steve 914 980 5532