The waiting game…

Design, municipal approvals and construction involve lots of waiting.  It can be painful or you can use the time wisely- gather information that you will need for the next steps, prepare if -then courses of action, find out where you are and evaluate.

At risk of sounding self-serving, design simply takes a while to get to the right solution- like the floor of the old movie-makers, the effort is really littered on the editing floor…the good stuff that makes it onto the screen or into the blueprints is a small percentage of the effort. The discarded sketches and studies are often what take the most time -until you get to the “ah-ha” moment.  When one leaps to conclusions, or follows the Nike “just do it” philosophy of design, it generally leads to many changes later, which are more costly and take more time.

Before and during the approval process, make sure you have carefully reviewed the city or town’s requirements and given them everything they ask for to minimize the time and submission / re-submission cycles.  Many municipal approval meetings occur at set calender intervals and have deadlines by which materials must be submitted in order for board members to review before the meeting. Don’t get caught in a bind of missing an important deadline due to a missed inquiry.

Construction itself has a sequence. When you have time, you can put the waiting period to work for you by checking and coordinating coming activities, soon-to-be-needed purchases, and carefully monitoring recent work for conformity with future work.  When you violate the sequence and try to make up time, you welcome calamity and lots of extra costs-it’s that simple.

Finally, it pays to have a good attitude about waiting…none can be summarized better than in one of my favorite blogs