Sir, you’re over the line! (Understanding Zoning Variances)

Intro & definition Understanding Zoning variances in the construction and real estate world pertain to permission to go beyond the allowable  zoning and land-use rules. Since our office is located in Westchester County,  a densely populated suburban area that has little open-buildable area, we frequently encounter situations where we must seek relief from many of […]

Do we need a Construction Contract?

Do we need a Construction Contract?….”We’ve already worked with Bill, the contractor before, he was great.” said one of my clients recently. “Do we really need a written agreement, since we worked fine together just seven years ago?” continued my clients…”it seems overly cautious and will take a lot of time, which we really don’t […]

Subbing it out?

Subbing it out? For businesses and individuals – from construction companies to freelance entrepreneurs – hiring subcontractors can be the ideal way to bring in professionals with a particular expertise, expand in-house capabilities without the added overhead, or just keep up with a heavy workload. But there are pitfalls to hiring subcontractors you need to […]