Ch-cha-changes during construction and design

Something about my favorite Bowie song and his passing always makes me think about the nature of design and construction. ¬†I’ve never seen a project get fully built precisely according to the drawings.

Changes are simply part of the project, but when ill-imagesconceived are disasterous:

The most common changes happen because of :

a change of heart, such as ” we just don’t like the stone veneer and want to change it to brick”.

a change of need, ” our office is going to need an extra 2 exam rooms due to the additional patients we’ve taken on”.

a change of budget, “capitol spending this year has been cut 20% and our ability to fund the additional parking lot”

a change of regulations, “Did you hear, they just created a moratorium on house teardowns?”

Or a combination of changes…”how are we going to pay for the additional bedroom when I just got laid off?search

When changes occur it’s best to tell everyone concerned as soon as possible to minimize costs, annoyance, delays, and convey the notification ¬†simultanelously.

Talk about the issues with an open mind, discuss the consequences, give everyone a moment to digest and respond-snap judgements though attractive, are seldom the way to go-since so many factors can be overlooked and then come back to haunt the quick-trigger-a-hole that pretends to lead from a position of authority.

Get all the facts possible-establish a deadline for action , consider all the alternatives, reflect , evaluate, analyze but don;t overthink and create a new issue. A good decision in a timely manner is better than a perfect decision weeks later.

And for those procrastinators consider this chart below:Model (1)