Contractors’ Revenge?

So you finally got the three bids back for your house addition and were a bit curt with Bob… Bob was the last contractor who submitted their bid- a couple of weeks late- and you were asking if  Bob’s tardy response meant that he was over-committed.

You’ve analyzed the bids and selected Joe, the second contractor because he seemed to have the best mix of quality, price and reputation. So you contact Joe quickly and arrange a meeting to finalize any details and sign the contracts….

What you don’t know is that Bob did not take kindly to your last exchange questioning him for his tardy bid….Bob’s a little thin-skinned and had a bad day….and…. Bob’s brother-in-law’s kid plays soccer with the kid of the Dept. of Highways supervisor.  And over at the soccer field, Bob suggests that the Dept of Highways supervisor send over a staff-member to that potential customer to see if the dumpster was filled over capacity.  Who knew there were regulations that control the amount one could fill a dumpster?  Well you just got schooled- and learned by a violation ticket that you exceeded this regulation.

Moral of the story: Be polite in all of these transactions and unsuccessful transactions.  Don’t give Bob a reason to retaliate or get passive aggressive, because it’s a small world and the connections behind the scenes can often result in unwanted surprises.  We’ve seen this kind of story unfold in many situations.  Be smart.

Just Sayin’….