As we are on the cusp of re-opening commerce / construction in the Westchester county, we are still being sensitive to the psychological mindset of our clients and prospects.

Many residents are spooked and un-nerved by the past 3 pandemic-striken months they have experienced and not much calmer about the next 3 months. So to hedge against income shortfalls or job loss, MANY residents have taken on boarders to supplement their income streams.

Some municipalities allow boarders, this but many don’t. As a member of our city’s planning commission, I can tell you why.

Most of the boarders will be living in rooms that are not compliant with current regulations and codes. For example, many basement rooms that are rented, lack a 2nd means of egress-like a window that a boarder could escape through in the event of a fire. Or the room frquently lack adequate ventilation , which we know can be deveastating with air-borne viruses.

Additionally many boarders come as families, and use additional parking spaces, schools and don’t pay their “share” of taxes. This in turn, puts a strain on the municipalities that are hurting for revenue since so many folks are unemployed and consuming more benefits.


1. Speak to your municipality before you take on a boarder. Discuss your boarder-plans with your insurer-many carriers will not honor your claims if you are doing something illegal -even if it has nothing to do with the claim.

2. If you want to see if your house or property can legally take potential boarders or if you want to make the required modifications before you take on boarders- LET’S TALK! 914 980 5532

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Article by Steven Secon