Podcast Interview with Affordable Interior Design

Shop talk ….Betsy Helmuth from Affordable Interior Design talks to architect Steven Secon about the difference between designers, architects, and contractors, how to ask for what you want, cost estimates and more!   https://affordableinteriordesign.com/podcast Also for our over eager DIY decorators https://affordableinteriordesign.com/blog/2019/10/18/oops-you-did-it-again-5-more-solutions-for-your-design-disasters    

How to Interview Architects

How to Interview Architects? With over 400 projects under our belt, we’ve been through the interview process more than 800 times. Yes, sometimes the interview occurs at the end of a tough day and the potential customer (or me)  is tired and not on their game, but sometimes it seems like there’s no planning or […]

Appliance Buying Strategy

I love saving my customers money and hassle.  Shopping for their own appliances is no exception. Appliance buying strategy is based on these 3 little nuggets: The best advice I can lend is to use Consumer reports-which is what I did here.  Here’s the link www.consumerreports.org When you buy matters most across all brands.Lowest prices […]