Cold Feet before a Construction Project?

Hell yes, going through a construction project is a big commitment. Indecision and cold feet are perfectly normal in this situation. The amount of time and money, energy & decisions is considerable.  Thinking about the inconvenience and apprehensions about possibly living out of your house or having your office compromised for a few months can be […]

Skin Deep- Exterior wall surfaces

More than a pretty area to paint, exterior wall surfaces of a building have to be considered for its: appearance, utility, adjacent conditions, and maintenance, and ahem… cost….  they are more than skin deep Frankly, each surface could become a 200 page technical manual and discussion. Since that is not practical for design and construction purposes, […]

Kludgey: Yes, it’s an important word

Thank you to Maureen our client, who looked under the sink of her newly purchased apartment and said, “Wow how kludgey!” I must have had that puzzled look, because she explained to me, “You know – awkwardly put together- Rube Goldberg style”. So here’s to addressing “kludgey”. Kludgey bothers me …not just the visuals but […]