cocnrete crack
cocnrete crack

Cool materials & products is one of my favorite topics to research and investigate. Many times technology seems to get the most hyped by the consumer electronics industry.  But there are lots of materials /products that have been improved and refined over the past few years that you may not be aware of.  Here’s a list of some that we really admire, not all are primetime ready:

Self healing concrete-uses the sunlight to catalyze newly added mixtures to create a protective barrier that fixes small cracks in the concrete surface which greatly extends the life of the structure-

concrete crack

Not just a key-less front door lock-these locks can be opened remotely by your cellphone or can be programmed with unique codes for kids, housekeepers, etc.  This lock can also alert you when someone, i.e. the plumber, has been there-very useful

Solar power paint– With semi-conducting nano-particles in the paint… the painted surface would replace the photo-voltaic panels and be much easier on the eyes,

Self-healing asphalt-by adding small steel fibers to the asphalt and periodically heating the asphalt surface by induction , the asphalts life is extended, less road work, better economy, less waste.

Superior Window glass– If you have a better vacuum around the window seal this manufacturer claims roughly 3 to 4 times the regular windows with thermal resistance of  .34 thermal low emmissivity

Acoustical paint? You heard right! (sorry about the Dad humor) checkout this product…way cheaper than tearing apart the walls an inserting insulation!





Article by Steven Secon