The Design Whisperer

Our times are blessed and cursed by HGTV and Pinterest boards…which can be helpful means of giving voice and direction to ideas and abstractions that are difficult to express. But along with these resources, it seems many clients now have a “trusted advisor” (Design Whisperer) who is the person missing at the table when we […]

Do you need a bigger home?

Maybe.  But often the answer is no. With 2600 sf cited as the average new house size, chances are a few tweaks means you may not need to move or do an addition. So my advice to many clients is to use what you already have more efficiently.  So, how do you do that? […]

Design for Aging in place

We’ve all watched older  loved-ones struggle with what were formerly routine chores and ponder what can be done to make life easier for them: Aging in place can be a great choice. The benefits to of aging in place are so clear: the freedom and dignity that come from staying in your own home, the […]

See the Light – a lighting primer

Lighting is one of those things we seem to take it for granted. And when done well, it enhances a space, and when done poorly -well you know. Lighting is highly subjective, like sound and noise, and changes with our perception, age and mood. So here a few design factors we consider when developing a lighting scheme. […]

Outdoor Living

Hey, we live in the northeast and after a long winter, we’ve never had so many requests for outdoor patios, BBQ, Bars, Living areas, jacuzzis, pools  etc. Folks have just had it! They want to be outside more….but wait what about the harsh winters?  The idea is really to maximize the shoulder seasons with a […]