Is Feng Shui for you?

What is Feng Shui?

Literally translated Feng Shui is Chinese for “Wind and Water” The practice of Feng Shui, employs many common sense principals and some more esoteric factors that are based on Astrology and eastern-based philosophies. The premise of Feng Shui helps organize the placement of things based on the principals that wind and water teach us.

On a building lot, according to these principals, a building should be sited to take advantage of certain views or movements thru the site to facilitate a more advantageous location of the structure. Major developers such as Donald Trump and Bruce Ratner both employ these ideas in most of their projects…it is not all hocus pocus. In a room it could mean situating your desk facing the door so you have no preoccupation with what people may see as they come up behind you. It also means reducing clutter so you may more easily focus on what is at hand.

We’ve designed several houses, offices and a restaurant using these concepts and would be happy to discuss it with any potential customers who may have a project in mind.